Twenty seven years ago Millma made a commitment “to produce contemporary clothing in the same timeless painstaking way as the pre-Columbian textile tradition”. Through the force of its distinctly Andean personality, the company pushed knit techniques and fashion forward with an uncompromising idealism in all of its collections. The design house was like a laboratory full of spirit and experimentation. Their mantra, “we can do anything in knitwear”, is as vital and relevant today as when the company started.

As the premier alpaca knitwear company approaches its fourth decade, Millma is an animal comfortable in its own skin. It has never abandoned its identity, which is deeply connected to the Andes where a strong artisan history, craftsmanship, pursuit of skills, and substance are everything. With its strong technical foundation, and drawing on its rich human resources and history, the company still makes clothing the old school way, stitch by stitch, seam by seam.

Photo location courtesy of The Cultural Center of the San Francisco Museum, La Paz-Bolivia
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